NYS and Capita Travel and Events form powerful new data capability partnership

Data and the power it holds has always been high on the agenda when it comes to travel, meetings and events, but even more so in times like today.

Understanding why people are travelling, where they are travelling, the costs and their motivators and behaviours is key to any organisation. This is why, we’re pleased to announce that we are partnering with leading Data experts, Unlocked Data.

Together we will be strengthening our online Management Information (MI) capabilities, extending beyond traditional reports to smart business intelligence that can identify travelling patterns, changing behaviours, sustainability impacts, in-depth cost analysis and more, all of which can be accessed by our customers via a fast online web application. This powerful data will help our customers forecast and plan for the future.

We are very excited to be working with NYS and Capita Travel and Events. The creative ways that they are planning for the return to travel and the strategic importance they place on data, wellbeing, and sustainability, means that this a great fit for us. NYS and Capita Travel and Events have already embraced complementary industry-leading technology infrastructure which enables us to roll out our products very quickly, so we are looking forward to getting new solutions into customers’ hands within a few weeks. Our teams already have so many ideas for future ways we can work together, so we are hoping this is just the first phase as we continue to develop the Unlocked Data roadmap.

Dan Raine, CEO of Unlocked Data

We’re delighted to have partnered with Unlocked Data on this exciting development of our proposition. Through our engagement, we’ve found a mutual approach of using data analytics to complement our ethos of smarter working, enabling better decisions to be made with far increased knowledge than ever before. We believe combining our travel expertise and innovation will be of great benefits to our customers.

Steve Banks, Our Chief Customer Officer

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