How to maintain energy levels while meeting and travelling

Updated: May 14, 2019

Recently awarded Champion of Champions at the Champion of Women Awards 2018, Tracey Woodward, global CEO, Aromatherapy Associates shares the tips no business traveller should miss in maintaining high energy levels.

In the past 12 months I have travelled to 20 countries, spending four months of the year away from the UK.

I've been travelling on business for almost 25 years. It started in the early 1990s in my first role as brand manager UK for Donna Karan and every position held since.

This year I have travelled to the US, Canada, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, France, Portugal, Ibiza, Morocco, Turkey and Ireland. Aromatherapy Associates is sold in 50 countries, with global offices in London, Hong Kong and the US, so you can see why travel is important.

Business travel is not as glamorous as people think and can get quite lonely. I use the time to both explore the city and learn about its history and to read and listen to podcasts to learn more about myself. 

I haven't always been so disciplined.When I first started travelling I ate and drank too much, and binge-watched movies. Now I use this time to be kind to myself.

Here's some of my tips:

Use travel time wisely

It’s a rare gift to have that many hours to one’s self. The flight is a chance to reflect, calm my mind and meditate which means I will be refreshed and productive for my first meeting - often as soon as I land. This helps block out the noise, as I always get a snorer next to me!

Be prepared

I travel in leisurewear and I always carry a weather- or time-appropriate change of clothing in case my suitcase vanishes. It's only ever happened once, but it was a lesson learnt. 

Always drink plenty of water

I also try to make sure that the first meal I eat will be time-zone appropriate.


Stretch on the flight and go for a couple of walks around the plane, especially on long-haul trips. I also have a fabulous spiked-ball foot roller that always comes with me on my travels.  

Travel essentials

My travel essentials are a supplement to stop upset tummies, a cashmere blanket, an eye mask, a good book, running support socks and large B&O earphones.

Essential oils

I find that the best Aromatherapy Associates essential oils to use while travelling are Frankincense, Revive, Light Relax and Deep Relax. I also love rosemary or grapefruit singular notes. Use them topically or in a bath or shower.

Keep up with the time zone

I rarely suffer with jet lag because I change my watch as soon as I board the flight and imagine myself in that time zone.

Take a walk as soon as you arrive

I will always enjoy a stroll the moment I arrive at my destination, unless it's the early hours of the morning.

Take time to acclimatise

I arrive, take half a day to acclimatise, and get stuck in. From then it’s pretty full on. A typical day starts with a breakfast meeting and various meetings throughout the day, ending with a supper meeting.  

Switch off when you go to bed

I try to walk as much as possible before bedtime. Travelling is the only time I have tech in my room, but I always try to put it as far away as possible from my bed.

Move, eat, sleep, repeat.

My mantra is exercise, eat the right food and get enough sleep. I guarantee a good eight hours of sleep by eating lots of protein a couple of hours before bed, taking L-tryptophan supplements and using Aromatherapy Associates’ Deep Relax oil.

Body brush

Body brushing is an absolute must to kick-start energy levels for an early start. It's been my early-morning ritual for more than 20 years. You feel lighter, your skin looks fabulous, you'll be energised and, if you keep it up, you will see a change in your shape and skin texture.

Energise yourself

I try to never let my energy levels defeat me. Revive oil is my go-to energising product but, silly as it sounds, getting out in the fresh air, deep breathing or jumping up and down in the bathroom can help energise you.

Remember self-care is your first form of healthcare and we need to teach it to all that care to listen.