15% of people struggle with their mental health when travelling to and from meetings

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Through smarter meetings management, we can help you to minimise the impact travelling for meetings has on mental health.

While some people enjoy travelling for work, there’s no doubt that it can be draining, especially when it’s a common part of your working week. Whether you’re heading off to an early meeting in rush hour or arriving home too late to do the school run, travelling for work can impact on life outside of your job.

In our recent research, 15% of workers admitted they’ve struggled with their mental health when travelling to and from meetings. This increased to almost one in five (19%) for 25-34-year olds. Across the whole workforce – and the whole population – this is a huge number of people whose health is suffering from the lack of smart travel to meetings.

Let us help…

Our innovative solution, Internal Meetings Manager, simplifies the booking of internal meeting space and facilities. It provides the ability to check internal meeting room availability, and review in-room facilities, in addition to amending and cancelling bookings at a click of a button – allowing you to be flexible with those last-minute demands.

Its enhanced display and sophisticated set-up ensure you maximise your internal estate, mitigating the costs associated with the use of external venues as well as eliminating that all important travel time which is negatively contributing to people’s mental health.

People can see the value of travelling to meetings, but they want travel arrangements that take their mental health and physical health into account. So, let us help you benefit from smarter meetings that result in more effective working and avoids wasted time and effort travelling.

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